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Physiotherapy (exercise therapy), corrective gymnastics, sports, recovery and rehabilitation in Montenegro



Our Center offers the services of specialists in physical therapy, recovery and rehabilitation services, and the compilation of exercises to restore body functions. We also write about therapeutic exercise and gymnastics for a variety of injuries, we consider the issues of rehabilitation and recovery after injuries.




Head of the Center, Instructor of Physical Therapy and Corrective Gymnastics

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Physiotherapy is a scientific discipline that includes all the latest medical advances. The set of exercises included in the exercise therapy is specially designed and compiled to solve specific problems for the treatment of a particular disease, injury, taking into account the cause of this disease.

Exercise therapy activates the body's metabolism. In turn, the activation of metabolism affects the acceleration of the healing process. This medical complex is designed both for the general improvement of the body and for the improvement of individual affected organs. Exercise helps in the recovery of the body from illness. Also, physiotherapy exercises can be an excellent alternative for the elderly, as a general tonic.

General includes in its complex exercises that have a strengthening effect on the entire body as a whole. Specialized consists of exercises that target specific organs that are affected by illness or injury.

Most often, physical therapy is prescribed for injuries of the spine, bones or functional disorders of the muscular apparatus. This includes all kinds of spinal disorders (including scoliosis, lordosis, etc.), paralysis, paresis, and bone fractures. The most successful exercise therapy is used for osteochondrosis, for prophylactic and therapeutic purposes.

Physiotherapy exercises are prescribed for pregnant women and women who have recently given birth, as a general tonic. Exercise is very common for problems with the cardiovascular system, as well as for diseases of the respiratory system. It is excellent for obesity and diseases of the digestive system. Naturally, this is far from the entire list of diseases for which exercise therapy is prescribed. This list covers not only physical illnesses, but also mental illnesses. Exercise therapy is also aimed at self-education of a person, at developing strength, endurance, etc.


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